Pre-entry requirements
  • Medical Certificate EASA Class 1
Required Documents
  • Copy of a Photo ID or Passport
  • Copy of study diploma
  • Copy Medical Certificate EASA Class 1
  • 4 photos

The PPL course comprises of about 180 hours of groundschool in 9 different subjects.

The ATPL theory distance learning course comprises 650 hours of groundschool, of which a minimum of 65 hours are done in classes.

Flying Time

For a frozen ATPL licence (CPL/MEP/IR) you are technically required to fly a minimum of 209 hours in various airplanes. Most students graduate with around 220 hours flown in various aircraft and in simulators.

After finishing your CPL/MEP/IR program, if determined suitable by our school, you will be offered to stay and work in RAS as one of our flight instructors. You will fly the remaining 300 hours as a PPL(A) instructor, for a total of 500 hours aircraft time at the completion of this program.


Between 12 to 18 months to complete the CPL/MEP/IR and FI rating
Up to 12 months working as a Flight Instructor
Please contact us:

ATPL - 0 to 500h (Program temporary suspended)

  • Starting from 28.01.2009, Regional Air Services is approved to work as a Flight Training Organization by Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority (RCAA) –, becoming, this way, the first private FTO flight school working in accordance with the international standards in Romania.
  • The training is in accordance with EU Regulation 1178, PART FCL
  • For more information please visit the flight school's website:
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