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Acquiring the knowledge necessary to insure the security measures’ application capabilities by the personnel designated to insure the security of the manipulation activities for the products and supplies which are about to be boarded in the aircraft.

Course details

Available as: Classroom Course
Duration: 18 hours
Recommended level: Entry-level and Professional
Prerequisites: Best suited for the employees of the airlines that are about to take part in the airport activities. The students are taking the course in order to activate in the application areas of the security measures implemented for the handling of the products and supplies which are about to be boarded on the aircraft against acts of unlawful interference.

Course objective

The trained personnel understand and apply, at a standardized level, the implemented security measures for the civil aviation protection against acts of unlawful interference.

Training methods

Group discussions
Role plays
Audio video methods
Practical activities

Course content

1. Introduction
2. Awareness in the airport security field

Airport security
The prevention and control of terrorism
International regulations regarding airport security
Relevant international conventions
National regulations and nationwide structure
Entities which insure the organization/implementation of the security measures
General measures in the security field
Security control
Incidents report
Practical presentation (airport security)
Evaluation test
Catering products and supplies security
Threats and objectives
Security measures
The man responsible with the security problems of the catering company
Access control to the catering company’s facilities
Catering supplies protection
Finding the suspect or forbidden items
Treating the bomb threat telephone alarms

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1 hour exam will be held at the end of the course