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Up until now, all the flying you have done has been with visual references to the outside world for orientation? As we all know - the airlines sometimes fly through the clouds and always end up several miles above the ground. To be able to do this you have to obtain an instrument rating, and like the word implies - you will learn how to fly solely by reference to the aircraft's instruments. This course is based on a minimum of 50 hours flight training (some of it done in a flight simulator to lower the cost of the course.
The instrument rating is not a separate certificate. It is a rating added to the license you already hold. Many describe this as the hardest flying course, as it requires a good portion of your mental capacity while at the same time flying the airplane. Being good at multi tasking, combined with solid flying skills, will definitely give you an advantage.

The IR(A) theoretical knowledge course comprises of 200 hours.
The single-engine IR(A) course comprises 50 hours instrument time under instruction of which up to 35 hours are instrument ground time in a FNPT II.
The multi-engine IR(A) course comprises 55 hours instrument time under instruction of which 40 hours may be instrument ground time in a FNPT II.

An applicant for a modular IR(A) course shall be the holder of a PPL(A) or a CPL(A), either license to include the privileges to fly by night, issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1 and shall have completed at least 50 hours cross-country flight time as pilot-in-command in aeroplanes or helicopters of which at least 10 hours shall be in aeroplanes.
An applicant for an IR(A) or validation shall have demonstrated the ability to use the English language.

The privileges of a holder of a multi-engine IR(A) are to pilot multi-engine and single-engine aeroplanes under IFR.

IR(A) modular course for PPL(A) owners – 2.400EUR

Theoretical part:•200 hrs Ground Instruction

Cost: 2.400 EUR